Perfect Sweep TURBO™ Rechargeable Sweeper

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What makes the BISSELL Perfect Sweep TURBO so convenient?
The Perfect Sweep TURBO is a sweeper with a powered rotating brush and dual edge cleaning brushes that is convenient to use since there is no cord. Simply charge the sweeper and you have up to 60 minutes of cleaning power. Another benefit is the easy to empty dirt cup so no bags are required. And the low profile can clean under many areas that previously were hard to reach.

Where can I use my BISSELL Perfect Sweep TURBO?
The Perfect Sweep TURBO allows convenient cleaning in a variety of locations that have bare floors and carpets. Use for quick pick-ups in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. The Perfect Sweep TURBO can also be used as a handheld sweeper for above floor cleaning on stairs, furniture, and other areas.

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Perfect Sweep TURBO™ Rechargeable Sweeper
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