OptiClean™ Canister Vacuum

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Powerful and convenient to clean your entire home

Key Features

  • Cyclonic cleaning system
  • Multi-surface cleaning

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Why should I own a BISSELL OptiClean™?
BISSELL has been providing quality floorcare products for over 130 years. Our deep cleaning products are well known for their quality and superior performance. These same standards apply to our vacuum products as well. And, BISSELL has a fully staffed consumer services department that is available to answer any of your questions.

What surfaces can I clean with my BISSELL OptiClean™?
The BISSELL OptiClean™ easily cleans carpets, rugs and bare floors; simply change the brush switch on the floor nozzle. Plus, the long flex hose and metal telescoping extension wand are great for above floor cleaning and for getting into hard to reach areas like behind furniture. The suction is even adjustable to clean fabrics like draperies.

What makes the BISSELL OptiClean™ so convenient?
The BISSELL OptiClean™ is a compact cyclonic bagless canister that is easy to carry and glides effortlessly across carpets and floors. The floor nozzle changes to clean rugs and bare floors with the flip of a switch. The flex hose swivels to clean in any direction without twisting and the long metal telescoping extension wand comfortably extends your reach. The tools store on-board for quick and easy access. Finally, when you finish cleaning, the cord rewinds automatically with the push of a button and the compact design stores easily.

How do I know when it is time to clean or replace the filters on my BISSELL OptiClean™?
The clean filter indicator will turn to an orange color to indicate that your filters need to be cleaned or replaced. To keep your vacuum operating at maximum efficiency, empty the dirt cup frequently and clean or replace your filters as needed.

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Main Information

Product Title:
OptiClean™ Canister Vacuum
Model #:

Special Features

Powerful and convenient to clean your entire home
  • Cyclonic cleaning system
  • Multi-surface cleaning

Cleaning Surface Type:
Carpet, hard floors, upholstery, stairs
Quick Release Cord Wrap:


Power Rating:
10 amps
Power Source:

Other Specs

15 lbs
Cord Length:


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